If you want support on your journey to feeling well and good from someone with decades of experience in supporting people to live a well and good life, then look no further.

I am a health and nutrition coach with 20 years experience of running a health charity.

I’ve been researching and advising on health issues for decades.

As a practised coach, I am offering one to one support as well as self guided online courses so that people can achieve their well and good life.

My personal journey to wellness included regular diagnosing of chronic health problems, over-dieting and exercising, exhaustion, anxiety and ultimately a huge learning experience! I’ve lived through the ups and downs of long periods of poor health and trial and error approaches to find ways to feel better. What I can tell you is that there is NO magic answer, but I can help you find a way more quickly to your own path to better health and wellbeing.

You will benefit from support from someone who has been there and got the t-shirt! My dedication to supporting others to find a way to live well has meant I have set up the only organisation in the UK for people with my liver condition, I have spent years researching and learning about how to optimise health based on published scientific results, and I have studied as a coach in integrated health and nutrition.

If you want help on your journey then get in touch here.

Because I have respect for the wellbeing of all living creatures, I support a healthy evidence based vegan approach. Your life will not just benefit you, but also other animals and the planet, and you will feel great on every level as a result!