Plans for health and wellbeing

You know you could feel healthier and happier. You want to have better wellbeing and more energy. You could try to do it alone, or you could take control with an ally who can support your journey and achieve success.

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A plan that works for YOU

We’re all different – genetically, culturally and our current life situation. A one size fits all approach doesn’t work.

Maybe you have tried diets or regimes that promise you health but don’t work for you. Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with a health condition, but the doctor has dismissed you and offered no ongoing support.

You may be left with more questions than answers about how you manage to feel well.

EVERYONE can live a healthier and happier life. YOU CAN live a healthier and happier life. You don’t have to do it ALONE.

A health coach helps you discover what you really want to achieve and supports you to create realistic goals, adjusting for you and your needs.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

For people with chronic health problems:

I am experienced in long term health conditions like Gilbert’s Syndrome, IBS, muskuloskeletal disorders, stomach problems, mental health issues and more. I recognise that living life presents barriers to managing your health and health conditions. As a trained health and nutrition coach I can help you break through your barriers to achieving greater wellbeing.

Essentials of Gilbert’s Syndrome Course

Essentials Plan – 6 month health coach support plus Essentials of Gilbert’s Syndrome Course

For charity professionals:

I offer coaching tailored to charity sector professionals, backed by decades working in the charity sector and as a charity Chief Executive. My coaching approach takes account of every element of who you are. Passionate, motivated, you have so much to give, but you know you could also achieve more in terms of looking after yourself as well as your career and the causes you care about.

To be a truly well person you need to find out how to balance your outputs and inputs, within the context of your life and its challenges. Self care may often take a back step, but you can’t keep giving if you are running on empty.

With support you can grow your career, be more effective, and feel healthier and happier.

I’ve met so many charity professionals that neglect themselves. This is not a sacrifice that reaps rewards for anyone. My supportive empathetic approach will help you identify and reach your potential across all areas of your life.

As a charity manager my empathetic person centred approach has ensured colleagues can deliver their best for the people they work for and the causes they care so much about. Creating high performing, fulfilled, healthy and happy professionals delivers a better world for everyone.

Take control of your wellbeing

Taking control of your health and wellbeing can quite literally save your life. But it’s not just about preventing disease. Your action to help yourself today, means you are taking control of your happiness and future healthspan. Living a healthier life for longer. Making the most of your life. Reaching your potential.

If you have questions just email me

About the plans

These courses and plans are tailored to your needs – if you take out a six month plan and decide, after the discovery call, that it’s not for you, you can ask for a refund.

The plans are for six months to give you a realistic chance of creating positive habits and seeing the results of the changes you decide to make. After that, you can continue with another plan, a maintenance plan, or you can come back for ad hoc support. It’s up to you!

Essentials of Gilbert’s Syndrome plan 6 month

£330 for 6 months (equivalent of £55 per month) access, includes: Essentials of Gilbert’s Syndrome course; 45 minute discovery call; 1 hour kick off coaching call; 2 x 30 minute, or 1 hr call per month to support you, ongoing email support.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 45 minute discovery call; we’ll meet over video and see what it is you need from the next few months. If what I offer isn’t what you need – no worries, you’ll get a refund. Working with a coach means you need to put the work in, with me as an ally, to discover your objectives, set up your goals and meet your needs.
  • 1 hour kick off coaching call; We’ll go through the initial intake questionnaires and dig into your context, challenges and barriers. This will give us a starting point for you to set yourself some initial actions to get you on your way.
  • 2 x 30 minute, or 1 hr call per month to support you. We’ll use exercises to look at how you are doing, what your next steps should be, celebrate successes, mull over strategies to beat challenges, and start seeing some results.
  • Ongoing email support. In between times of meeting, we’ll share questions and answers, and I’ll send over additional information and support.

To find out more get in touch via email – details here. I’m happy to chat first before you take the next step.

Essentials of Gilbert’s Syndrome course only

£55 for 2 months access.

If you’ve been diagnosed with Gilbert’s Syndrome, then you need to know what it is.

This genetic condition impacts how your body works.

Most health professionals don’t have the training they need to understand Gilbert’s Syndrome.

Give yourself the knowledge you need to live a happier, healthier life, through the Gilbert’s Syndrome Essentials Course. READ MORE

Charity Professional Wellbeing plan

Create your own distinctive needs based plan. I can deliver support for your career direction, effectiveness at work, mental health, nutrition, energy, strength, resilience and more!

Intensive plan includes: a 45 minute discovery call; a set of exercises, analysed and discussed for 1.5 hours; 1 hour coaching/mentoring calls every 2 weeks to one month, for a total of 6 hours; email support; additional workbooks and exercises for self discovery and future mapping; ongoing drop in support beyond the end of the plan.

The basic plan costs £499. For up to seven months of one to one support this represents incredible value.

To find out more get in touch via email – details here.

Health coaching only

The base price is £65 per session. I offer a free half hour to see if you want to proceed. The kick off session is up to an hour and a half. After that sessions are between 45 minutes and one hour. Five sessions, booked in advance, would be the base set of sessions. Email check-ins, workbooks and exercises are included.

To find out more get in touch via email – details here.