Essentials 6 months plan – welcome!

Hello and welcome to your 6 months health and wellbeing plan! You’ve decided to take control of your symptoms and to feel better.

You can access the Essentials of Gilbert’s Syndrome Course here:

I’ll be in touch to schedule your welcome and discovery call soon. But if you need anything – just email me at

Just as a reminder – you can expect the following, during the next 6 months:

  • 45 minute discovery call; we’ll meet over video and see what it is you need from the next few months. If what I offer isn’t what you need – no worries, you’ll get a refund. Working with a coach means you need to put the work in, with me as an ally, to discover your objectives, set up your goals and meet your needs.
  • 1 hour kick off coaching call; We’ll go through the initial intake questionnaires and dig into your context, challenges and barriers. This will give us a starting point for you to set yourself some initial actions to get you on your way.
  • 2 x 30 minute, or 1 hr call per month to support you. We’ll use exercises to look at how you are doing, what your next steps should be, celebrate successes, mull over strategies to beat challenges, and start seeing some results.
  • Ongoing email support. In between times of meeting, we’ll share questions and answers, and I’ll send over additional information and support.