What Next

  • You’ve made it
  • Well done!
  • So what next?

You now have a foundation in understanding your condition that will help you for the rest of your life.

The next steps are to use the information and toolkit you now have to make your life with Gilbert’s Syndrome better. Maybe you want to kick start a journey to happier, healthier living, or perhaps you are ok with things right now and just need to have this essential information for the right occasion. 

If you want to follow a supported journey to better wellbeing you can get support from a health coach to set personalised goals and be an ally in dealing with your particular challenges. Knowing where to start and making a plan can be daunting on your own. Holding yourself accountable and staying on track can be even harder. A coach supports you in all of those. Together you adopt a strategy, and adapt as you go, ensuring success. 

I am dedicated to helping people with Gilbert’s Syndrome to live better, and am a qualified health and nutrition coach. Get in touch if you want support for your journey.  Just email adina@wellandgoodlife.co.uk .

You’ll always have the website www.gilbertssyndrome.org.uk and email news to help with tips, and you can follow twitter @Gilbertssyndrom and instagram https://www.instagram.com/gilbertssyndrome.org.uk/ for news and resources. 

Don’t forget – I’m here for you. 

Please remember – I’m not a medical professional and will not give you medical advice.