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Gilbert’s Syndrome for dummies, simple explainer infographic:

Gilbert’s Syndrome basics infographic (4)

Symptom Tracker: symptom tracker

Recipe booklet:

Recipe’s for life with gilbert’s Syndrome

How to manage dialogue with your employer:

How to talk to your employer about your health and get the best response

Want to dig deeper and do your own research? Pub Med is the national library of medicine in the US and you can search for Gilbert’s Syndrome or any other condition here :

How the liver works:

Detox information from the UK NHS:

Exploring long term health conditions and their impact :

Box breathing:

Guided self compassion meditations:

Mindfulness course :

Mindfulness based resources:

Information on the gut and the brain :

Support for anxiety and panic attacks :

Energy and how to pace yourself :

Sleep tips :

Why We Sleep book by Matthew Walker